Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The First Easter Morning
I painted this for my church for the 2012 lent season.  In it I tried contrast the dark tomb, burial cloth left behind, with the light of sunrise in the distance signifying hope.

Looking for the Lost Sheep
This was painted in 2009 for my church when our pastor did a sermon called "Lost and Found". The shepherd is leaving the flock in the light and moving into the darkness in order to search for the lost sheep. This illustrates the parable Jesus told in Luke.

Moses and the Promised Land
This was done in 2009 for my church when our pastor was preaching on Moses.

Sunrise Over Bethlehem

I painted this for my church for the 2008 Advent series. It shows Christmas morning with the sun coming up over the Bethlehem hills; symbolizing the light the birth of Christ brings to the world.  In a tiny cave there is a silhouette of Mary and Joseph.

Friday, January 6, 2012


This was  a photograph on a magazine at Christmas time in 1975. I loved this little girl-her smile, her dress, and so I painted her. I've had her on our wall ever since.

Everyday Life With the Savior
I painted this for our church in 2010.  Our pastor, Jim Singleton did a series on the Christmas story as told in Luke. I wanted to portray a scene from the life of Jesus as a baby. My friends, Christina and Yohanni Carlos of Mozambique were the models for this. I added a thorny bush and scarlet cloth to symbolize what was ahead for the Messiah.

Faces of Joy
These paintings are of children who live in Nampula, Mozambique, at Evanjafrica Orphanage. About 50 children of all ages live there where their material and educational needs are met, and where they are introduced to the Father and His love. I painted these in 2011.

Little Athens Girl
This was painted from a photograph taken by Andy Fletcher during a trip to Greece. I liked her dress and her smile; she's obviously enjoying a day in the sun.

Adoration of the Unexpected
In this painting I tried to show that sometimes, as in the case of the magi, the people we least expect are the first to recognize Jesus for who he is.  Oil on canvas November 2011

Morning Horizon
This was painted in 2009 of a little girl in the early morning, wrapped in a blanket, watching the day begin.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


New England Sunrise

I love the colors of the sun rising on snow-with pastels all blending into each other. This was from a photo of a winter morning in New Hampshire. Painted in 2009.

Newport Shore

The inspiration for this painting came from a photograph taken by Tim McCalmont. I just love California sunsets.
This painting has been sold.

Forest in Winter

Sunrise in the Rockies
I used several photographs and a lot of imagination to do this. I wanted to show the cool colors of the sky blending into the warm colors coming in with the first morning light. The reflections show the same. Painted in 2011.

Swiss Alps

This is painted from a photograph of Switzerland's Grindelwald Valley, taken by Brad Carlton. Painted in 2011.

Latigo Ranch

I painted this for my church when our pastor did a series on The Light of the World. This shows the dramatic colors of a Rocky Mountain sunrise. 
This painting has been sold.

Maroon Bells

This is from a photograph by Scott Johnson. Painted in 2009.

Fall in the Rockies
A typical  mountain scene with aspen trees that turn golden in early fall. This was painted in 2009.

Loch Lomond

This was painted in 2010 of Loch Lomond in Scotland.


I painted this in 2011 for my son's math tutor who loved Montana. I used a partial photograph that he had and I improvised the rest.
Maui Sunset
This is a painting I did of a photo my daughter took in Maui earlier this year.

Moonlit Lake
I painted this in 2009 of a lake in Rocky Mountain National Park in the moonlight.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hello internet! 
I am Joni Ware, a local Colorado Springs painter, and I will be using this blog to showcase my work.  Very shortly, I will be posting my paintings, so feel free to stay tuned and subscribe!